Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday am....

The good news - it's Wednesday am and the week is half over. The bad news, my boss is in town (which is why I've been stressing) and the cold sore isn't as bad but its there. I have 4 more days of Valtrex, courtesy of my Doc, thank goodness. I need it  to clearup by Saturday - which is  when I head out to see my old college roommate, Ashanti, in Philly. The stories we have - she has this gorgeous skin, radiant. A natural, effortless beauty. Just shy of 5 feet, married 1 year, and she has been through the ringer also. I can't help thinking its the curse of going to school in the major city, an NYU curse! I'm going to have to poll the girls I know to get to the bottom of that. So, this weekend will be full of fun times, getting reacquainted and being each other's staunch supporters - which we are.

Then, Sunday is my niece's graduation from boarding school and I haven't seen her since she was a baby - long story. My bro had her with his then gf, cheated on her, she took my niece away and I haven't seen her since...she was the love of my life! As if she were my child, I was heartbroken and angry, never fully got over that. I asked her mother what she looks like and she said, look in the mirror, she your spitting image. So, now I look in the mirror and think I'm loooking at my niece, hoping she has lots of joy and success in her life and will never have to endure the trials I've been through.

So, for the remainder of the week, I'm going to keep it low stress and low key - maybe yoga tomorrow morning.

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