Friday, May 27, 2011

Very SIngle in NYC....

Still feeling a little sick, my ears and nose are out of wack..heaading to bed soon but wanted to share a few thoughts. To look into the eyes of a person who truly loves and cares for you, who wants the absolute best for you without a hidden agenda is like looking into the mirror and seeing the reflection of what should be in the depths of your soul.

I hung out with my ex and this is how he looks at me. We hug, we talk, we watch tv, we eat, I walk on his back, we tease each other. There's so much ease to be around one another, I guess 3 years will do that to you. So each time I'm left wondering what went wrong? Then I remembered the constant fighting, the times spent trying to do everything perfectly so that there would be no fighting, feeling like a failure all the time, wanting to crawl into a corner and just dissolve into nothingness.

2 very different sides of the same coin!

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