Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To Weave or Not to Weave...

So, I watched Chris Rock's good hair, and it got me thinking and I've had this thought for a while, what does my weave say about me? Is it the real me or should I go back to my own hair?

For those of you who know weaves, mine is on its last strings - and its either time for  a redo or for it to come out completely. Well this is the week that I make that decision, as I have my hair appointment on Saturday. That night I meet up with my old college friend, and the next day is my niece's graduation. Now how do I want everyone to see me, as a barbie with a flowing weave, or with my regular, possibly shoulder length hair? More than likely I will need to have some of it trimmed from weave damage - all the while the point of the weave was to allow it to grow...see my dilemma, no, well neither do I! I want everyone to see me as a strong woman who will work with what nature has given me, not conforming to what Western society has dictated I aspire to? I go through my periods of this self reflection but I feel I'm finally done with weaves.

What's the big deal, some of you may ask- let me break it down for you....Its $300 just to book her time and to be allowed to have her work her magic for a few hours, then to get the hair, another $200. That's $500, a pair of Louboutins, Manolos, Prada's,  Gucci's, Chanel's...Then there's time, 1.5 hours to get the hair, another half hour traveling to the hairdresser, another 4 to 5 hours in her chair getting it done...that's money and time I will never get back. And for what, to look like a barbie, long flowing, shiny about hair like Halle - isn't she gorgeous. She has this short, cropped mane which frames her face and makes her look absoluute stunning. Kanye's ex - Amber Rose, another stunner with a buzz do, or my beautiful friend Larissa - who I ran the marathon with, has a great buzz do and a stunning face, bright eyes...and so many more, but those are the 2 who come to mind. Is it enough for me to aspire to look like these gorgeous ladies, today my answer is yes.

I can't wait to fall off my preachy soap box and have you all make me refer to this post. But for the time being, watch out world - I will never have to worry aobut is a track showing, is the string showing, what direction is the wind blowing my hair in, which way should i have my hair parted that makes me look best (I can part it anyway on any given day - not locked into 1 style for 3 months), not having to constantly carry the wide tooth comb to detangle the hair in the bathroom every few hours, not worry when a man is running his hands through my hair and having to be like "now don't you know you need never run your hands through a woman of color's hair"...granted there are a lot of caucasian celebs who wear weaves, but I'm not worried about them only my hair.

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