Thursday, May 19, 2011


Now that I've created this, I have a feeling a lot more things out of the ordinary are going to start happening to me. Or maybe this will make me mre aware and bring a different level of consciousness so I realize I need to stop wasting my valuable time.

Made my appointment for the therapist for today at 1:45pm. As a girl who usually works while inhaling lunch at my desk- I was already a little antsy about going. Get there at 1:45 and she takes another client, turns out she was running behind - are you kidding're a therapist, if people do not show up at their scheduled time, reschedule them. How unprofessional. If someone books an appointment during what appears to be a lunch hour - its because it is and they are time sensitive. But maybe I shouldn't have made my selection of her because she's a woman, from a latin background (and i felt she'd be able to relate), and that she was close to work. But on the off chance that all of these criteria would avail me of a fantastic therapist, I did choose her and so be it...

Her assistant, didn't look a day over 18 - now I understand times are tough and the first place employers scale back is cost of employees - but come on! Is there no college educated, somewhat seasoned receptionist she could have hired? But that's unfair of me, it is what it is and she seemed very competent at her job.

So I decide to wait a bit, and just talk to her for 5 minutes and see if this is a common occurence or whatever. And feel her out anyway. The receptionist takes my insurance info and checks on it - its a $25 copay. I say, well since I won't be able to ge tthe full benefit of her time - I'm not going to pay, but would like to just talk to her for 5 minutes. The receptionist tells the therapist this and her response is, its still $25 to speak with her. So, I walk out and continue my search for a therapist....suggestions, email me.

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