Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still Tired...

Maybe not sleeping with the air on this time of year isn't such a great idea, even if I am sick. I feel like I didn't sleep well at all...so tonight I'm taking some Nyquil and plan on being knocked out. Still no Insanity for me, I may not start up again until the weekend, in order to give myself time to get back to 100%, but I do plan on going to yoga tomorrow morning and just taking it very easy - so that I don't get too out of shape. I saw a reflection of my butt as I was walking yesterday and its a bit more wobbly than I remember - I said to myself "Oh no, I am not going down without a fight" so yoga seems like the best place to start. I need to realign mind and body, so that my body can start shedding the stress and the stress weight....I truly believe that's how I put on weight and got sick..Stress really is the silent killer!

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