Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Un Lobster....

Like clockwork he texts about hanging out 6:30pm, I mean does my time mean nothing! I told him he let me know much too late and I made plans. So, that's where I'm at - No more, I'll just keep my interactions with him like that until he gets the point that he's no longer the focus of my attention...because he isn't. I'm happy about that!

Getting ready for my friends soiree - a very snug, body conscious blue dress from the co I work for. I get distracted, a very interesting invitation to drinks with a friend I haven't seen in quite sometime. Who goes to a birthday outing at 8pm probably 5 glasses of wine and 4 hours later I'm still chatting away with my bud. Well, with that much booze anything is possible, right?

Skip, fast forward and it's about 11:30 when I get to the club. My friend is tiny, she's always been into physical fitness but all she looks so petite and cute, we hang out - I can't even think about drinking, but we dance, shake our bottoms and promise to do brunch soon.

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