Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Day Off to All Us Hardworkers...PA (cont)

What better way to spend the first half of the day watching Sex and the City repeats on E!. Carrie wrote articles, mainly about sex, and got paid for them, nowadays we all write blogs and get our thoughts/obervations out there for free, oh how the times have changed!

I'm still not 100%, my sore is healing - I'll spare you of the gross details! This heat is great for me getting better, I won't have to deal with the AC until tomorrow, if I'm lucky.

So back to my adventures in PA - I got to wash my face with a secret wash...Ashanti, one of my oldest friends and former college roommate, is writing a book about skin care and she let me try one of her secrets. The next morning my face felt sooo smooth. Then when I got back home I expected to see a ton of dirt on my cosmetic pad when I put toner on and I didn't, no dirt at all! I was amazed, nor did I break out from it..usually my skin breaks out from anything new. I think I'm a convert. In PA it was so quiet and fresh air, I loved the calm - sometimes I dread the frenetic pace of Manhattan, we're always in a rush, never get to absorb anything and never really get to know ourselves. 

Ashanti and I talked about me setting my sights low and seeing a man while he's involved, ugh - how low can I go. I deserve and am worth being number 1 on someone's list, instead of number 2, 3, 4 or 5 - Ladies, we all deserve better than this! I feel like I'm out of control and just keep spiraling with no clue of where I'm going. I need to plan and execute better.

Happy Day off to everyone - I'm heading to brunch...

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