Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Am...

Woke up this am and feel I needed to clear my mind and have a more mellow start to the day, so I headed to Prana Power Yoga, right down the block. It was and intense battle with my mind - but I feel good and a little more mellow and less anxious than I have been feeling. I have to remind myself that in my stillness things will come to me. But being still is the hardest thing, I feel I need to constantly be in motion and making/forcing things to happen otherwise they won't and I'll be left behind. That's huge for me, all my life I feel I've been trailing where everyone else is. It's a defeaning feeling - sometimes it paralyzes me and other times it prompts me to try and take on everything - I'm constantly trying to find balance, that's my life's ambition. I wonder if it's anyone else's...or are wealth, prestige, recognition what most of us aspire to? But what if all of that never happens, what are we then left with...ourselves. How did/are we treating ourselves while pursuing these goals, I hope we're treating ourselves with kidness and love, the same as we attempt to treat all others. That's what I'm working on, being kind to myself.

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