Thursday, May 19, 2011

The First Kiss...

Ladies, we know that we all do it - wonder when is it going to happen? When is he going to make the first move. That first kiss is so important, it could determine if he's the one? A precursor to the possibility of what he's like, intimately. We base a lot on this one little thing..just so all you men know - getting lost in that first kiss is AMAZING, absolutely euphoric.

Well, I have been spending time with someone, we'll call him by his initials - TT. He's 5'8", nice, cute, funny -I can't stop smiling when I'm around him..not because he makes me laugh but I just think that everything he does is cute and I definitely find the humor in it. I find life so much more humorous after I began this blog and it truly is. But I TT, we walk over to one of my favorite restaurants to pick up some ribs but since he's a fussy eater (well he tells me as much), he didn't like too much on the menu and said we could order the ribs and then he'd make something at his place. So I'm like ok, you can just make whatever you were going to for me as well - walk back to his place. His brother is there getting ready for something or other and I meet him - not my intention at all. The meeting the family thing is just not what I ever aspire to at this point, date 3 or 4. So TT proceeds, in his own adorable way, to make this really tasty, simple and low caloric meal...and it was really good.

So, we eat and talk - about his work, he likes what he does and we usually talk about it - which is great, passion about work is great...ok if I were being real honest, maybe he's a little too passionate about work. He's CMO and his brother is CEO so when I call his brother his boss, he gets agitated - and for some odd reason this is cute to me. I think I've mellowed out- I'm a softee at heart, or maybeeverything new and novel is cute until it isn't and its all downhill from there. I hope not. So - we start out watching the yankees then I take control of the remote and we watch the David Spade show (he's hilarious, love David Spade), then some law & order: svu which was a repeat. Then yankees and hockey - since I don't like conversations where I feel the tv is the focal point - I straddle his legs which are up on the table and block his view of the tv. And I'm the center of attention....yay, me.

So, we talk for a while - I turn to cbs and the mentalist is on...he intimates, basically, that the date is over, he has this work thing coming up and he needs to do some work, go to the gym or whatever. I get the hint (his fussing about like a child) let him know that I get it, head to the door and he follows - I say goodbye go in for a side cheek kiss (my usual) but switch it up and go for a peck on the lips instead, 1st was a very light peck.. 2nd was a deeper peck, 3rd was a mouth slightly ajar kiss....and that's it. It was sweet and who knows. So I won't belabour but will say it holds a lot of promise.

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