Friday, May 20, 2011

Drunken Blog....

Ok, so after the Al nonesense I got home and a friend was online - we'll call him Ben. So we chatted via facebook for 2 hours, needless to say I don't get to my Insanity workout (boo me) and I had him check out the blog and he asked if I had ever thought about writing. One of my english professors had encouraged me to, I can't remember which...but I was always a geat starter - but a terrible finisher (story of my life till now, maybe). I'd get so ensconced in what I was writing that I'd forget what the ultimate idea is and would be so paralyzed that I'd never be able to tie the ending to the beginning...very traumatic.

Ben is very supportive and a very interesting person unto himself. We have these deep conversations but I still feel like I don't know him well. I've always been terrible at keeping friends because I go at it all or nothing - I can't be surface friends with anyone, I need to give them my all and tell them all about me. And if that cant happen I abandon the friendship, terrible I know. THa's partly a reason for this blog also, so that peopl get to know the real me.

So while I'm chatting with Ben - I get an email from Israel, and he is guess what - Israeli.."ding ding ding", who guessed that? He asks me out for drinks - so since it's Friday and I'm not otherwise engaged...I agree. We meet at coffee shop at about 10pm I finish chatting with Ben, throw on my striped, body hugging dress (for the first time, to try it out) and a jacket to cover the curves and head over to coffee shop. I end up staying out until 2am and am about to crash...

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