Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 5 of Insanity -

I should've done this years ago - I like to think of a blog as therapeutic, and we could all benefit from some therapy. Which reminds me, I get to meet my new therapist today.

Day 5 of Insanity - I've decided to take the Insanity challenge to follow the workouts and get a rip roaring great body in 60 days. I tried P90X but you need all this equipment and let's face it, Manhattan apartments are small. All you need with Insanity is your own body weight and a thick mat.

I went to bed last night, after texting a male I'm interested in, Al - just generically what he's doing Saturday. Since a friend invited me to her bday gathering and I'm excited to see her. Al - the elusive, mid 40's man, brilliant mind, driven, carrying on like a young stud and has not a care in the world. I had written him off and told him as much. Then went back and accepted him into my life...I mean, really what goes on in my head. I'm the type I need to completely cut a person out to get over them. I am over him but I just start rethinking and it so cyclical. Well, I'm putting my foot down - first he never answers right back, takes a couple days...which is my biggest pet peeve. I vow, that this will be the last straw I'm better than this and deserve as much. I'll get deeper into men and my whole bizarre life as time goes on so bare with me everyone!

Back to Insanity - You know you're in trouble when half way through the warm up stretch, Shaun T says "y'all I'm afraid for what's about to happen" - almost shut off the tape right there, was insane! Needless to say my obliques and core are so sore I can't turn around without feeling the pain. Took my recovery formula for the first time, along with some coffee and fruit that's breakfast - I physically can't eat, can't move to eat is what I should say. I'll post more later - because we have a ton of catching up to do!

Have a great day everyone.

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