Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars, Cheating,

On the Oscars red carpet there was nary a bulge to be found as each actress looked slimmer than the next. Then I catch Kristin Chenoweth chime in, I'm pretty tucked in...and then another celebrity says she's corseted in. Clearly thats the trend at the Oscars, it may be Spanx on the bottom but its corsets for the midsection. Cheating or not cheating, its all about image!

After 2 months of being sick I'm finally better, though 10lbs up from my usual weight. So I've committed myself to running 3-4x a week, similar to when I trained for the NYC Marathon. This morning I head to the East Side Highway and usually it's mostly men running, not this morning, it must have been how all the women loooked so slim at the Oscars because the running path was 95% women, unheard of, believe me. But its good to be back. Big things are coming my way in Spring!!

But below are my fav oscar looks (we'll salute the curvy women first)...Octavia Spencer looked ethereal, Adele (must not have had an American stylist bc she was the only one sporting bulge on the red carpet) and Halle Berry looked absolutely beautiful...

Ethereal and lightly beautiful Octavia
Sexy Norah Jones

Post Baby Adele
Vision in Versace Halle
Daring Naomi Watts


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zarina T. and Chopping...

I've been having a "Meantime" experience (lookup Iyanla and you'll know what I mean) and had misplaced my voice. Early November to mid December is always a trying one for me! Maybe because it's my birth month and I'm always taking stock of where I am vs my goal for the year, in all areas of my life. I must say, I've faired well and now the voice is back!!

There's a saying "if your right hand is causing you to stumble, chop it off! Better for you to lose one hand than your entire soul"! So after much reflection, in the last couple of days I have had some chopping to do.

I had the pleasure of attending an album release party for the Grammy nominated Zarina Taylor Tuesday night, and she thoroughly inspired me! Not only was she charismatic and owned the stage but her songs were full of messages. What resonated to me was to deliver myself from the harmful "meantime" experiences and get my head back in the game. She is a lovely, curvy young lady who attended my fashion debut in September. Needless to say we will be collaborating for future events, but were not able to for this event (my own fault)!! Below are some images of us, check her out, she's R&B, hip hop, & reggae!

Below are images of us at my show, and a gorgeous, shot of Zarina alone. Her style: modern, sexy, and fresh. I'm really looking forward to our collaboration!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Curvy Girl's Storm Survival Guide to Dressing...

As we look back on a crazy week of survival and the necessities of life, in the aftermath of Sandy, I'm sure many will put fashion at the very bottom of the list!

I was fortunate enough to only lose power during the storm, which made it necessary for me to grab a few things together and head to my closest friend's place, close to 100 blocks away, uptown in Harlem. Since I work in fashion, I have to be fashionable! Needless to say I was not going to schlep to my dark apartment each day, bring a new outfit uptown and have a 2 hour bus ride (although I did do this for 2 days)! Nor was I going to pack 6 bags worth of clothing, accessories, etc and takeover her place.

What's a girl to do!!! Since the power was scheduled to be out for 4 days, I picked and packed 5 of my most favorite and flattering bottoms, 6 tops which are classic (think 2 turtlenecks black and navy, a couple v necks red and navy, a stripe boatneck navy and white). And those were my outfits.

Since they are all favorite items I knew I would be comfortable, which is key; stylish, another key and I could be confident in what I'm wearing even though I was not confident about how long a commute I'd have, or when the electricity would come back on. Again, fashion not such a huge necessity, but it is a very little thing you can control among many big thins beyond your control!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hustle and show???

What happens after the show? Very similar to the Bravo specials, After the Show, where each housewife hustles to get into kick butt shape and launch a book, workout video, a clothing line, etc...Welcome to my life, post fashion show!

True, I do get to circulate a bit more! No more hovering over samples, pouring over fabrics - for the time being - and working well until the morning to make my Sept 8th show deadline. Contrary to popular belief, buyers do not hand you orders after a show. There is a lot of follow up and walking them through the line, how it will work well with the current vendors on their floor, and much much more.

This, along with contacting more press is my focus for this week/month. As well as getting my News12 coverage more buzz. Lookout for it on youtube, my website and the blog...

Monday, September 10, 2012

After the Show....

"Houston, we have lift off"

Think of all the footage we see when a space shuttle launches, all the personnel at mission control who dedicated their lives for the past year to make that happen erupt into applause and hug one another because they did it, they had lift off...that's how I feel about my collection, I have lift off!

During the show everyone kept saying it's so calm backstage, you're very calm! Well, a couple of weeks before the show I embarked on the chopra center 21 day meditation challenge and a month of yoga. I approached the show with a ton of gratitude that I have the ability and support to do so, and a ton of humility (an open heart and mind) because there are so many moving parts and variables, I knew that some were out of my control and I accept that, let it lead me where it may......which was to a Rocking Show!!

There was music, coffee, food, clothes, shoes, jewelry, models (sometimes naked), makeup people (thank you celebrity makeup artist Nil Muir) and hair people. A news 12 camera crew was there, I will let everyone know when the story will air!

Everything they say about a fashion show is true, true, true! Backstage is fun, glamorous, palpable energy, such an adrenaline rush.

Thank you to all for macking it happen. A pic of me and my models...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Show Time....

This will be my last blog entry until after the show, I look forward to seeing you all there...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fashion Week Bug...

So, with 4 days and 20 hours until my show and soo many things up in the air, Labor Day weekend was a mixed bag of enjoyable time off from work and frenetic thinking and rethinking. So much so that I believe I have caught a fashion week bug....

What am I going to do about it, oh nothing but try and catch up on some sleep - get some lemon and drink my favorite tea with lemon and honey.

My webpage has been redesigned, and will proabaly need a redesign after the show...

My very first press release has been sent and is being picked up, here and there. It's all coming together! It's just that 10-15% of things that I won't be able to control that are giving me pause. But in the meantime there's fashion's night out to look forward to! I think I'm going to the Mary Alice Stephenson party - I'm just obsessed with her lately...